Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stop the World...

Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation and lazy days, isn't it? Can't prove it by me! Jacie and I made it through another week of camp, came home, slept for 5 hours, re-packed and headed off to Ohio for a lovely wedding. I thought maybe I could really get some stuff made for the Etsy shop but there was cleaning and laundry and yard work and a visit to Kal-El and relatives visiting and auditions--- whew! And in the middle of it all--- my father-in-law suffered a minor heart attack on July 30th and had triple bypass surgery on August 2. My husband, B, was with him for that and he's doing well. He's walking and eating and plans are being made for him to spend some time in rehab. About the only thing I did get some decent work done on was a baby blanket for a little guy due this month. More on that later. Auditions: It's been over three years since I've been on the other side of the curtain and it's bugging me so I just had to audition for an upcoming musical. Without a lot of drama I'll just say I didn't get a part. But I was already costuming it, so I will be involved. I'll just be "in my own little corner in my costuming chair" again. It's okay. I'm good there.

In the 'WooHoo' department, Number Two (Corey Joseph), took part in a competition at culinary school today and I'm happy to say he and his teammate took first place! Very proud mama here!

Now we're getting Number 3, Philip, ready for his week away. Our church rents a house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week for the teenagers to fellowship and study the Word. I want to try to get lesson plans done while he's away so we can start school before the end of the month. And thus goes my summer. Another one without getting much sewing done but many happy (and a couple pthhhhbbbb) memories! Maybe we'll wait on school this year... just this once...
P.S. Happy 22nd Birthday, Corey Joseph!

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