Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random catch up time~

  Okay, so, I had a doll swap quilt to finish and then off to camp when I last wrote. I hoped to finish and mail the swap quilt before I left for camp, but I didn't, so I figured I'd have enough 'free' time from the kids to do a little hand sewing as I have in past years. This year-- because I have something I really need to finish, of course-- I didn't. I got most of the binding done but had to finish the last few inches when I got home. Here's "July":

Then the package sat in the car for a few days because the in-laws were visiting and we never made it to the PO in all our running around. But at last it is on it's way to its new home.

 I had a stomach bug for a few days that kept me close to, uh, home so I did get some other things finished up.

 Remember the patriotic fabrics (part of the DUFUS pile) that I made up Kate Blakesley's block with? I managed to eek out a few more and put 'em into this lap-sized top that I'm in no hurry to quilt. But B loves it!

                                       (This print reads the Pledge of Allegiance over and over)
I'm not crazy about the eagle in the center. It seemed a good idea at the time, and I have a bunch of 'em and was determined to use this stuff this year, but I really don't like the brightness of the true red hues in the center with the burgundy in the rest of the blocks and sashes. But it is what it is.

And it totally clashes with my summer comforter which finally made it onto the bed.

 Have you seen these guys? These designs are from Jay McCarroll:
I found them a couple of years ago when A.C. Moore started putting fat quarters and jelly rolls into their inventory. I bought two FQs of each design and waited for the 'right' project. They were definitely in the DUFUS pile. Must get used this year. Then I remembered Kickin' Stash. KS usually uses four prints in a similar colorway but why not have a little fun with it? Voila~~ wacky birds and zombie bunnies make a kickin' Kickin Stash!

 I only photographed one corner because (a) I'm alone right now and need someone else to hold it up and (b) it's been folded and is too wrinkly and I don't feel like pressing it for pictures. 'Cause I'm lazy like that. I also just realized that the individual block I chose to focus on is the one I made the biggest mistake in. C'est la vie. I am not a fussy quilter. This WILL be quilted before Christmas because it will likely be someones gift. If I can bear to give it away.

Remember the granny squares?  I made a few more:
I'm up to nine done now. I'm not sure how many I'll do but, thanks to "Hamlet", I added a few more colors to the Kona scraps so I have some new combinations to try. I think I'll stop at twelve for this one. I have some special colors and fabrics set aside to do another one and I'm itching to start it.

 I expect to get a ton of stuff sewn this week. I will be childless, except for the adult child who does his own thing anyway. Philip is winging his way to Mexico today for a mission trip (his first) and Jacie goes to camp for her week tomorrow. B is still job hunting although there is a good prospect in the picture. I volunteered to help the costumer for a local show but he hasn't given me any work yet so I figure it's a sew-whatever-week. They haven't happened much so I'm grabbing it. Expect to see some Christmas in the next update. Oh, and there are two baby blankets waiting. I'd like a new dress. I will go out to pick blueberries and make something with them. Right now, my house smells like Thanksgiving. We pulled a turkey from the freezer to cook for a big in-law meal that never happened. So it's use it or lose it time. A mini-Thanksgiving tonight--- and tomorrow let the marathon begin.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June Doll Quilts

Two swap doll quilts, both due in June, finally on their way (or arrived, I hope!) to their new homes~

"Summer 'Hoo"' for Dina at Sewing Mamas
(theme: summer)

                                          "...something blue" for Vickie at Doll Quilter's Monthly
                                                  (theme: something old, new, borrowed, blue)

               Old-  fabric. I've had some of those blues for years
               New- the backing fabric; bought just for this and the batting
               Borrowed- the red heart fabric is from a Kona solids quilt I'm currently working on
               Blue- well... it is!

I'm still embarrassed. I hate missing deadlines. Which means I need to go finish my July quilt before I leave for camp!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Doofus failure.

This time it's not a Project DUFUS fail. It is a personal--as in 'I'm a doofus'-- fail. Despite knowing I joined a monthly doll quilt swap, agrreed to a second doll quilt swap, had a wedding gown to alter, had a major show to open, and knew I'd be working the box office for my theatre, I am chagrined to realize I missed my June deadlines. Neither doll quilt is complete yet. They're almost there and will be mailed by Tuesday, but I still am embarrassed that I didn't get 'em done in time.
AND the gown came back because the alteration was done incorrectly too. That has never happened to me. *sigh* I hate alterations.

"Hamlet" looks good and will close tonight to very good reviews. It isn't exactly the look I had in mind--- it never is, really~ I dream big--- but that had more to do with lack of money than time. Most of the cast is just wonderful-- I did have some issues with some of the younger actors who do not understand that just because we are not all professionals doesn't mean we don't behave in a professional manner. Some were downright rude and disrespectful to me and I won't miss them when we're done. These four, though, and a couple of others, (like my student-assistants Holly and Ashley and Mr.-Catholic-School Cole), I will miss and I hope we are all together again next summer.

              King Claudius/Ghost John, Queen Gertrude Michelle, Hamlet Logan & Polonius Brian
                                  Picture stolen from Michelle's Facebook-- thanks Michelle!

I'll have more pics soon. Right now I have to repair a couple of costumes for the last time. Then, to some binding...