Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Monday, May 30, 2011

Killin' Time Between Scenes-

I did a bunch of cleaning/ re-organizing last week (the usual routine when I finish a show and get ready to start another)and this time I bagged fabrics with the quilting magazine that has the project they will go to. I wound up with a pile of scraps that didn't go into a Bottled Rainbows block but were still fun so I decided to use 'em to finally try English paper piecing. I don't know why the idea of wrapping fabric around a piece of paper, basting it, and whip stitching them together was appealing to me but I've wanted to try it for quite awhile. I discovered it is the kind of repetitive, doesn't require close attention process that is perfect for filling time between scenes at the theatre. As with "Leaving Iowa", I have long stretches of time between backstage duties at "Into the Woods" so I packed a sewing bag with scraps, pre-cut papers, needle, thread and scissors. I make myself comfy on a sofa in the green room and I cover away. I found a couple of patterns that can use these 1 7/8 (I think) hexagons. Most of 'em may work their way into a quilt for the new grandbaby. Did I mention I get to finally make some RUFFLES?!!!

I also bought a template from the Missouri Star Quilt Company for making 5" tumbler blocks. I've had my eye on it for a little while as a way to bust some of this stash. This beauty from the Empress ( ;) ) convinced me to go for it! http://imperamagna.blogspot.com/

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Used to be Saturdays were work in the yard/ housecleaning days. Today it's sew what I can, clean what I can and work a show tonight! No FNSI for me this month; I knew I'd be at the theatre all night. The show is going well but there has been an incedent among the leadership of the theatre that has caused great dissention and stress. The past two evenings have been like walking tightropes and little joy. Hopefully we can clear the air soon and get back to doing what we love simply because we love doing it. :(

Got a little John Hancock (my nephew Christopher!) to finish up; and maybe I can sneek in a little quilting. A bottled rainbow block, maybe?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally Open!

"Into the Woods" has finally opened and , except for a few stray pieces like stockings and gloves that want to rip, it's going well. Onto Shakespeare! Well, after I take a day or two to make a John Hancock outfit for my dear nephew!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday on Tuesday

This idea of posting my annoyances on Monday will only work if:
a. I remember I said Monday would be my crabby day and
b. I actually get online on Monday.
Which I didn't yesterday. I had a costume parade for Into the Woods, which went well, but I have several little things to finish and one big one. It opens the 13th; were in good shape. This is the 'bad' time of show costuming for me and it happens every show. It's the time when I've spent so much time on the show, all I want to do is "me" stuff. I have a zillion other projects I want to work on (hello Bottled Rainbows! I miss you!) but can't because I. Must. Finish. AND Shakespeare officially starts next week so I must get those designs done, like, NOW. I'm thinking I'll schedule tomorrow as a "me" day and at least pull out one Rainbow block. For my own sewing mental health.

I was asked to costume a show for a new director and I'm really having a difficult time deciding whether or not to do it. There are lots of pros & cons:

-the theatre is quite a distance and gas t'aint cheap but I don't have to make many trips because of the ease of the design and I don't have to be at performances. I just deliver the costumes.

-I have a bunch already happening in the fall (TCC, church Christmas program, NEW GRANDBABY!) but it's a new theatre and new exposure

-the costumes aren't difficult; mostly Biblical time stuff, but they could become time consuming because of the bulk of them

-I like doing new shows I haven't done before. I learn something every show I do.

I really have to pray about this one.

This week's gripes:
1. The huge black birds that wipe out the bird seed in my feeders in a day and scare off the cardinals and finches.
2. TV shows that are STILL talking about the wedding
3. Algebra and Scientific Notation. Okay, math lessons in general.