Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New spaces

When you live in a small house (3 BR, 1 Bath) and have four kids, there's not a whole lot of choices. Mom & Dad have a room, boys share a room and girls share a room. After our eldest married, that left Jacie with a room of her own. We painted and decorated it to suit 'her' style, but after a little while it became clear to me that maybe it was C, #2, who really needed to go solo. At that time he was a working man and starting college. He bought his own clothes, electronics, books and I feared that the youngers would mess with the stuff he worked so hard for. I had him move over and Jacie shared with Philip. Interestingly, he did not care to re-decorate and was fine with J's choices of green and purple on the walls and windows! Honestly, he's not there much , except to sleep. It was good for a couple of years. Recently, though, we have all been noticing that, despite her penchant for boys' clothes and haircuts, Jacie is becoming a young lady and it was C who decided it was time to move back in with Phil. So, the past few weeks have been an absolute mess of boxing, moving, painting and organizing. We painted the boys room-- it hadn't been changed for about ten years! It has gone from a dark green/tan pallette to a light grayish-blue. Very open and airy! Jacie's was left alone; after all, C never changed it. The big thing about her room is it's not just hers. I am her new roommate! After years of my sewing being packed into one corner of our bedroom and my fabrics and supplies taking up my own closet (my clothes went over to my husband's closet!) I have moved my machines over to share space with Jacie. Most of the storage, planning, cutting, etc. will still be done in my 'cave' but the actual machine time will now be done in J's room. My dresser is now hers and her tiny one is mine and it fits right into the closet. It's nice to have room to move next to my bed! Unfortunately, the move took a lot of time away from schoolwork so we're behind in that. So, between school and finalizing "Bell, Book and Candle", there won't be much fun sewing time. But what else is new around here, right? While we were moving the heavy stuff, Jacie was busy working on her solar system:

When it comes to making a mess with schoolwork, somehow she manages to make time for that!

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