Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Monday, October 21, 2013

We'll just forget about September~

It seems one post a month isn't just for the summer~ it seems it's going to be the fall norm too. Except we'll just forget about September. It was an incredibly busy month which saw 2 significant things in my little world. One was the return to the front side of the curtain as I  played "Margaret" in "9-5" for 13 performances (four weekends!); the other being I turned 52 on opening day. It was truly the best birthday I've had in a long time, since I don't care about my birthday and try to downplay it anyway. But it was special. The kids gave me a wonderful little camera to replace the one that Leia dunked in my iced tea and I was happy that now I could get good pictures to share on my lil' blog here. The camera took about five pictures before it died. It won't take a charge. I'm at a loss and the folks at a large blue and yellow national chain of electronics stores that told me to bring it to them were of no help. Back it goes to the holders of the receipt. *sigh*

But in the happy place department~~ we had a great birthday for Leia Elise at the beginning of October! Wow--- I remember writing about Kal's impending arrival on this blog and now his sister is two years old! (And the next one arrives NEXT WEEK!!!) Leia asked for a 'princess castle cake' and although it's been a long time since I did fancy cakes I did what I could. I think she liked it!

Actually, I did write a September post---it was in drafts waiting for a picture. So I'll post it now after I steal a pic from Facebook. Thanks, JAG!

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