Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Friday, February 14, 2014

DaGMT 1/2 way~

So...halfway through the month. Not doing well on the finishes.
I'm getting my sewing time in, for the most part, but I'm working on different stuff than the quilts.
Days that grandbabies come to cuddle are not conducive to scheduled sewing. But I welcome them. Also, the community college decided it would do a show this spring (Halleluia! A paycheck!) The good news is-- Jacie was cast in the play! The weird news is-- I was also cast in the play! I'm really just a fill-in for an actor that dropped out on the first day of rehearsals. I love it but it really cuts into sewing time.
My BOM for Quilt Doodles for February : a cute cabin! The quilt is somewhat based on 2 1/2" squares, and I have a plethora of them already cut, so I changed the block a little to make the whole thing out of squares, even though a few pieces were designed with rectangles. No disrespect meant to Designer Cindy~ it's just what I had ready to go! I like where this quilt top is going. :)
 One thing I leaned from this block is I have a deplorable selection of black and brown scraps. And I am determined not to buy anything for this top. Not because I can't; just to see if I can.

                                     And...during Grandbaby days, Kal-El picked up his quilt!

This is by far my favorite tidbit this month:
I decided a few years ago I would someday make a "Dear Jane". I knew I would use a collection to help make fabric selection easier and I knew the cost would keep it a distant project.  When I saw the fabric line from "Downtown Abbey" I thought I had found the collection for my Jane. I told B about it, with the idea that I could start collecting them, one at a time, until I had them all. He gave me some 'found money' and said to get them now. I really don't deserve this man. Unfortunately, all the bundles were out of stock where I wanted to order them from. So I asked to be notified when they were re-stocked. A few weeks went by and in the meantime I found and loved the Jefferson County line from Windham. The colors stole Jane's heart. So, after a couple of days to think about it, early one morning I went online and ordered my Jane fabrics (Missouri Star) and the book (Amazon). To say I was excited, well, I think the only delivery I was more excited about in the last year was Pippin's. I have started tracing the patterns--you can see tabs where I've marked certain blocks already-- and even added a few fabrics from the stash to the "Jane Basket" where I will keep her neat and separate from the other chaos. I don't know how long it will take but I am so happy to be doing this!

Side note--- after I ordered the fabrics that morning, I signed into my email account and, of course, had emails telling me ALL the collections I wanted from Downton Abbey were back in stock. I feel a little guilt. I must start saving those pennies again and get at least one of them! Because...   yes.

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