Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Three, four, shut the door! It's freezing in here!

DaGMT progress Day 3
  None, unless you count digging out a few FQs for a potential need. But it wasn't for lack of trying; it was for lack of electricity. See, I have an old house. Creaky old. It's almost one hundred and some parts really show it, particularly the electricity. Some of the house, like the upstairs overhead lights and a few outlets, are very old wiring and connected to each other. Some of the house is newer because the VA wouldn't approve the loan to buy this "starter house" some 27 years ago until the electricity was upgraded some. So, to sum it up, this place is wired weirdly. Now understand that the furnace was also replaced in that first year and, just before Christmas, it died. Replacing the system isn't an option right now, so we're getting by these chilly (aka "freezing") days with strategically placed space heaters. It's a little challenging because simply turning on a light can cause a breaker to flip and shut off odd parts of the house at a time, both upstairs and down. But it's okay because I have two teenagers at home and it's very easy to send one of them into the cold to flip the breaker back on and life goes on. :) One outlet in the hall popped several days ago, taking out a couple of lights we can live without.  But Saturday night was different-- Jacie has been painting her bedroom and in the moving of furniture something got hit that blew one of the outlets in her room. Along with that outlet, out went all the overheads upstairs and outlets in each bedroom and the only bathroom in the house. The only thing that worked upstairs was the outlet in her room we had added last summer for her air conditioner-now-heater. Suffice it to say, Saturday night was cold upstairs! Sunday afternoon
-- usually called "sewing time"-- gave way to a trip to the hardware store for new plugs and some contorting on the floor as I replaced the broken one in J's room and the one in the hall that turned out to be not broken after all. So we got back most of the power upstairs but by then it was time to make dinner and fall asleep in my favorite chair. I woke in time to see the second half of the Superbowl through sleepy eyes. When the power went out in the stadium I told my husband they could call an electrician. I was NOT going to New Orleans to replace their broken outlet. And I went back to sleep with my wonderful heater humming warmly.

Day 4

 Spent a good 2 hours working on a quilt pattern testing project--- no pictures! But it's a fun project and I'm looking forward to sharing it later on!  No UFO progress but sewing nonetheless!


Quilt Hollow said...

Oh goodness...sounds lie wool is needed for warmth! I feel for you...I hate being cold!

Denise :) said...

I love old homes ... before we became full time RVers, we owned a home that (as I jokingly put it) was "built the same year we were" -- so it's 50 years old. Old homes have personality and quirks ... and yes, typically drafts and weird electric and plumbing issues!! I hope you stay warm with your little electric heaters ... be careful! Although the nice thing about the new electric heaters is the auto-off! We use them to supplement our heat in the RV, so we don't use so much propane (especially since we don't have to pay for electric -- one of the perks of being camp hosts). Who's the military person in your family (VA loan)? Wow -- I bet you got a lot more in this comment than you bargained for, huh?! You got a follower out of it, too! :)