Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm in an "I Don't Care" Mood-

I need to be working on "Into the Woods". The deadline for major pieces is (my own imposed) Thursday. So why am I here instead? Because I quit sewing mid-afternoon and began reading a book I have to return to the library. It's about scandals that have occurred in the British monarchy since the time of the Tudors. And now I'm disappointed in myself for wasting the afternoon. (I am proud, however, that I remembered to stop reading and feed the children...) Rachael over at Stitched in Color recently had a post where she said what she felt about some things and so did her commenters. It was a great post! I don't like tippy-toeing and I will never be cruel or rude intentionally but I do try to avoid hurting people's feelings so I guess I hold back stuff I'm thinking or I don't say/write anything at all. Maybe I'll make Mondays my gripe day and my posts will be about things that annoy me. I think I'll try it but I'll limit myself to three gripes:

1. William & Kate. I honestly have to admit that I don't care about the wedding. I just want to see the dress so I can de-construct it in my head.

2. I hate designer labels. I don't care if they're on clothing, shoes, handbags or a piece of fabric. I think it's 'The Emperor's New Clothes' right out of the book.

3. I know I'll not be listing three gripes every Monday. The only thing consistent about me is my inconsistencies. I won't remember.

Anyway... wanna see my Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood?

(Wolf is my costume and design; I have a makeup helper this time around!)


Donna said...

Are you sure we aren't related Mickey? I swear I hear myself talking every time I read your posts. I can't say that about nayone else--honestly! Where did you grow up..really?

I love reading the history of English royalty. Have you watched the movie series Victoria and Albert? It had Colin Firth's younger brother in it.

Hubby and I watched it while I re-covered four patio chairs and a porch swing cushion...without a pattern of course! Graduation is coming and visitors...I had the fabric but had never done the job. Sigh.. procrastination is my middle name. I think I'll go read another Dicken's novel..Ha!


Rachel Hauser said...

Ditto on the wedding!